Schools in the UK are breaking up this week for the start of the summer holidays. Statistics are showing that there has been a dramatic increase in holiday bookings in the UK rather than abroad in other countries. If you go on holiday, do you stay home or take your break in another country?


The distance I travel from my home is directly proportional to the current size of my bank account.

No, seriously.

I’d rather stay home. Trips to foreign lands are too expensive for my budget (well, if I tightened my belt, I probably could make it to America, which I’ve been meaning to visit, but I’m not willing to do it at the moment :slight_smile: )

I’d go home to see my 2-year-old niece and 1-year-old nephew. I missed a lot. Everytime I am home, they seemed to have grown an inch or two. Not to mention I need to introduce myself everytime. Until today, I am still not sure whether my niece knows that I am her aunt.

And we are expecting a twin this year end. Oh, I am one lucky aunt! (Can’t help it, we never had a twin before in the family)

Okay, back to the topic, I rather spend holidays anywhere, as long as it is with my loved ones…:slight_smile:

I’ll be taking a short vacation in Wisconsin this coming weekend. I’ve decided to drive the 700 (give or take) miles. I’m going up there to celebrate a cousin’s wedding.

My latest real vacation was in Cozumel this past April. The snorkling behind our hotel was excellent. We managed to get a pretty good deal on the plane tix and hotel, which also helped make it an enjoyable time. We also saved money by doing a little grocery shopping – we ate lunch all week utilizing the bread, ham, cheese, mayo, peanut butter,chips and bananas we bought… so that we spent about $4 per lunch instead of the $10-$20 we’d have shelled out each day for lunch at a restaurant or bar.

Me too. :slight_smile: But fortunately or unfortunately, in Japan, sometimes traveling abroad could have a better bargain than locally. Anyway, I would have to make a consultation with my bank account to see how far I can go.

Where in Nihon are you? Are you in or near Tokyo?

In Tokyo. Tokyo ni imasu. :slight_smile: And I used to have a few friends over there in your town.

I combine going abroad with two to three weeks in our summer house near Bilbao. This year, I’m going to France in the first two weeks of August and then will go to our summer house for the last part. Many people often ask why one needs to go away when one has a summer house by the sea and in Spain. I simply tell them that it’s for a change of scenery.

haihao, a friend of mine in business school was from Tokyo.

Could it be?

his initials were S.I. (in the Western order of initials)

First name Satoshi

Sorry, prezbucky, the friends were all Americans. BTW, satoshi is a popular first name for male Japanese.

ahhhh, okay

If you are married you would just follow your spouse and would try to please the family (after such a relatively long time abroad as I am).
Holidays are in my case good enough just out of any sailing/floating objects the best place for holidays would be my garden, with some cold beer, unfortunatly people can’t understand the idea and being “at home” isn’t mostly the best of the best solution.
Well I would be certainly dragged to some silly Polish, Spanish or Greek resorts.