In the sentence: ‘The harbour master lost…with the ship.’ which verb suits best: ‘hold’ or ‘contact’ or ‘touch’ ?
Thank you in advance for your time!

‘Contact’ and ‘touch’ would both work in different scenarios.
‘Contact’ would be for more formal situations.

So,what option is correct? I said:‘The harbour master lost hold with the ship.’’ because ‘contact’ refers more to a ‘social interaction’ which isn’t the case here. Can you give me some other arguments to convince the others who think that ‘contact’ is the correct solution?
Thank you, Beeesneees! I am grateful to you!

No, I can’t, because ‘contact’ IS a correct solution.
Look at what I said above.
Your option is incorrect. ‘hold’ is the one answer that is completely wrong.

to lose contact with something’ does not necessarily refer to a social contact at all.