Hobby: listening to music (homework)

Hi there,

Hope you guys are well.

My name is Ola.

I love to listen music while I’m driving and whenever I’m tired of doing something, I get refreshed by listening the music. It boosts my brain power and makes me feel so relaxed:)
How about you guys?
Does anybody else love to listen loud music?
Or Maybe you have better way to relax?
I would be more then happy to recieve any Feedback from you:)


Hi Ola. Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I listen to a fair amount of music. My days of rockin’ and rollin’ are in the past. Now I usually listen to more chill music. Although every now and then I’ll rock it. I grew up with what we call “classic rock” and still listen to a fair amount of it. I listened to wide variety back in the day, and listen to an even wider variety now.

I listen to a fair amount of blues. There are a lot of types of blues and I listen to most of them.

YouTube and Internet radio allow me to explore a lot of music. Unfortunately there is way more music to explore than I have time to listen to in a lifetime. I’ve mostly explored backwards in time rather than keeping up with the new music. Lately I’ve been listening to more music from my fathers era, which I used hate, but now I like - music from the big band era, swing, jazz, jazz-blues, etc. It’s a fascinating era of history, both the cultural changes and the music. I’ve come to think of it as the 60s except 40 years before the 60s. It was a pretty wild era.

Anyway, I listen to a much wider variety of music than what I’ve mentioned. I go to the library regularly and grab armloads of music CDs. Since it doesn’t cost anything and they have thousands of CDs, I just grab and check it out. If I don’t like it I haven’t lost anything. If I do like it then I’ve found something new that I like.


Oh, such loud cheerful music can improve my mood and set me in a positive mood

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