historical building

In recent years, governments and investigator want to meet demand of
innovative world. They are changing themselves a lot of sides especially in term
of appeal to the eye. They establish modern and imazing buildings rather than
historical buildings. They do not give any importance of antiquities and it has
been a growing problem not only in our country but also all over the world.
Althought it is throught by some that the historical buildings in a country should
be destroyed and replaced by the modern ones, it is clearly seen that they ought
not to be destroyed and factors which are unethical and negative impact on tourism.

To begin with unethical, it is one of the most crucial factors to support

the historical buildings. These are founded hunders of years ago and became a lot of
historical events in here so old stucture are reflected our past. For example, Haydar
Paşa railroad terminal is one of the most significant historical buildings of our
country. This building is known by everbody either live in Istanbul or an other place. Besides, there are many memories of people here. Therefore, destruction of this building brings about destruction of the memories.

Secondly, the historical buildings replaced by new one, it is negative impact 

on tourism. When people choose go where on holiday, they not only pay attention beautiful sea but also want to see historical buildings. for instance, if ephesus ruins are destroyed, visitors rates decreases who came here so this situation negatively affects tourism.

Some people in opposition to this idea, on the other hand, claim that modern

buildings are substantial and imposing. This view may seem to be true at first glance
but they miss one significant point. Old stucture can be restore and they become charming and glittering more than new building. For example, Selimiye mosque was restored. Compared to before, it has become much more beautiful. Consequently, this point show us, in order to seem qualified and prestigious, persons do not have to destroye historical buildings.

Taking everything into account, it can be obviously concluded that shoul attach

importance to this issue by government. Instead of the destroye and replace the antiquities, they can be restored and preservable. Thus, government can be protect the ethical value.

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