His face swims round

‘His face swims round, and I see he is blind. ’
What does ‘His face swims round’ mean, please?

Probably, feeling dizzy, or moving falteringly as ‘blind’ suggests.

That doesn’t make sense, as the sentence suggests the speaker sees the face ‘swim round’ - and it is not the speaker who is blind.

I suspect that the original has a typo and it should be ‘his face swings round’ - he turns and I see his face.

I don’t think so. Just wait for the poster to respond. Meanwhile check the secondary meanings of ‘swim’.

I wonder how this can suggest that the speaker is blind.

I am fully aware of the various meanings of swim.

I think a typo is far more likely than your explanation, which makes no sense at alll.

there is no suggestion in the original that the speaker is blind (because he isn’t). It is your explanation which suggests that.

Thank you, Beeesneees. Now I believe it must be a typo.

Now that the poster has admitted that it is a typo, any further argument has no significance for ‘swim round’. But I don’t understand how you still say that I mean the speaker is blind while ‘I’ is definitely the speaker as I’ve highlighted above. What, then, is the aspect that suggests your peculiar interpretation? I really can’t get it. Let’s remove the misunderstanding.

(If you watch a blind man walk, you will also see his face swim (around) - the whole being not likely to be steady.)

If you watch a blind man walk then unless there are very particular circumstances regarding his general physical ability to move, he will certainly not be so unsteady that an observer might consider his face ‘swims’.

The sentence you wrote would indicate that an almost blind/partially blind person might see other people’s faces ‘swim’ because they are unable to see clearly themselves.

I’m happy that you now realize that I did not mean to say so. Anyhow, I should be sorry about it giving room for such a misinterpretation! BYE.

I always realised you didn’t mean to say so - which is why I was at pains to point out that this is what you did communicate.