high parental expectations

From past to present, students have had more problems, especially problems related with high parental expectations which play an crucial role in studying their courses. İnasmuch as, parental encouragement and motivation have effects on students’ succes at school. There are innumerable effects of high parental expectation on students.

The foremost effect of high parental expectations on students is that students suffer from too much stress owing to high parental expectations. Succes does not come from stress or anxiety. Thus, should students want to be successful in their school or class, they will refrain from stress as well as anxieny. To illustrate, an individual who has an effect on high school expectations cannot comcentrate on their school works together with courses. In brief, parental expectations have a tendency to cause failure for students.

Last but not least significant effect of high parental expectations on students is that they fall in despair in the slightest failure. For instance, a student who are going to enter an exam like ÖSS should not be puzzled by parental expectations. Since, they cannot focus on examination and failure may be unavoidable. As a consequence, dissapointment in a slightest failure is unnecessary.

All things considered, it can be concluded that high parental expectations have an effect on students’ academic lives. There are various reasons of high parental expectations such as suffering from too much stress as well as dissapointment in the sligthest failure.

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