Hi to all, I am David, I am busying with preparing for GMAT

I am a new member to this forum. Guess everybody is doing fine here.

Currently I am busying with preparing for GMAT and TOEFL tests, both of which are scheduled for this October or November. I have done some preparation of the GMAT and feel pretty good about the GMAT. But I have no idea about how to proceed with the TOEFL preparation as I even have no material on this. So can you guys offer me some idea to get some free download materials for the TOEFL preparation?

Thank you in advance.



Hi DavidLi! Make a google search. I assure you that you’ll find a lot of useful information, tips.

Hi, DavidLi:
There are many TOFEL materials online. I believe you can download some without much difficulty. By the way, Since you feel quite good with GMAT you might have been good at TOFEL ,too. :roll: Share us with your study experiences here! :wink:

Thank you, Pamela and FangFang, for your reply.

I want more practice material to work on. I believe that practice makes perfect. That is why want to get some preparation material for practising.

I picked up some preparation material for TOEFL yesterday. The material covers all the elements of the test, and I can work on them and check on how well I will perform in the test.

With respect to GMAT, the reading is something which bothers me. I have posted a separate message here for help.