topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Whether parents are the best teacher or not is a contreversial issue.Some people think that parents are not the best teacher because they make a lot of pressures on their children.however , in my opinion, parents are the best teacher for two following reasons: Giving great motivation and helping their children build personalities.

First, It is clear that parents are the best teacher because they give their children strong motivation. In the first place, they always encourage their children, especially, when children get bad marks or get up set.Moreover, parents always listen to children and help solve the problem.For example, when children can not set their goals, so parents help shape their objectives because parents know merit and demerit of children in detail.Thereby, children will step on the right road to success.

Second, It is argue that parents play important roles in helping their children build personalities.children always imitate their parents from birth, so parents are people, who affect children before teachers at school.For example, researcher said that parents’expression can influence on the growth of children’s character.if parents always smile and watch their children when he is playing. The childs’confidence will be greater than children whose parents always leave him alone at home.if children face a hard question, the parents let him solve the problem by himself. The children will be independents.

Some people who are against the fact that parents are not the best teacher may argure that parents put their children under a lot of pressures.it may be true that children suffer a lot of pressures from parents, which make them unhappy and uncomfortable.however , all pressure come from parents ,that express that parents only want their children better.what regret afer children acquire so much motivation and great personalities.
All reason and example above bring me to the conclusion that parents are the best teacher .

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Hi, I thought your essay was pretty good. I think your structure is effective, and I especially liked your third body paragraph where you brought up an objection to your thesis and explained why it is not that important. Please, please remember to put a space after every comma and period and to begin each sentence with a capitalized word. This error really reflects poorly on your writing. Most of your reasons were clear and easy to understand, but you did have a couple of quite confusing sentences. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5, but if you can fix your periods, spaces, and capitals, I would probably rate it a 4.

Hi, Luschen, thank you so much for corecting my essay. I’m very lucky to know you here, I have just found this site to learn English, so this is my first essay in this forum. My thoughts is so simple and I can not express my ideas, so i need to write and write a lots. The important thing is that I know what I have to do, isn’t it? I will try my best to hone my writing skill.

Have a nice day, My teacher, Luschen.

My last sentence : " What regret after children acquire so much motivation and great personalities". I mean that parents sometimes put pressure on their children. However, their motivation and their great roles in building their children’s character are greater and the children will soon find out what it is good for them.

Ok, maybe

However , all pressure [that] come[s ] from parents shows that parents only want their children [to become] better. The parents may feel some guilt in pushing their children hard, but will have no regrets after their children acquire so much motivation and great personalities.

Great, that’s what i mean, thank you so much.