Hi, this is Amy. Could you please assist me?

Hi, I was just reading about some of the members who have scored really well in their GRE and wanted to get some assistance from them.
Actually, I just started preparing for my exam yesterday and my test is in 9 weeks but the prime concern is the verbal section. Barron’s has one way of attacking this section whereas Kaplan gives a strategy wherein its prime focus is the type of question like sentence completion or RC and they are pretty laid back about the vocab list.
I have no idea of what I should do cause both look like they have advantages of their own. Could someone please tell me how to deal with this as its wise to take advice from someone who has already faced the test.

Please spare a minute or two and help me as I really need your advice. Thank you!



I will look at the words posted by Jayshree right away.
I wanna give atleast 5 hrs for verbal and ihr each for RC and sentence completion along with 2 hrs for math

Please suggest me with a plan to follow to achieve marks as yours