Hi there!

Hallo to everybody…
My name is Maria K. and i come from beautiful Greece.I’m 35 years old , married and mother off three beautifull girls.I 've been learned english for 8 years when i was at school so it’s long long ago.I got the FCE (lower) and now i think its time to refresh my english and probably some day take exams for toeic.My dream is to take proficiency but it seems too difficult to me.I love english…i watch many movies and BBC or CNN …i understand the most of what i hear …i can speak good but my vocambulary is not enough so it’s not too easy for me to write an assey.
I’m glad i found you and I hope to start emmediatly my lessons with you…I’ve never took lessons online before so it’s quite difficult to understand what to do and how it works but i hope to get used to it soon.
See you soon…

Hi Maria,
As far as I am concerned, I browse English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms forum when I am not so busy. I try to take it easy so that I won’t give up too easily.
Good luck!


Hi, Maria
I’m glad you joined the forum and you’re right, Greece is a beautiful country!
So, be welcome and I hope we’ll exchange opinions about certain subjects sometimes.