Hi there. I'm a newcomer.Hoping get to know you all soon.

I’ve been learning English at this terriffic website. However, I can’t access listening excercies so far. Does anyone know why?

Hi , i am sammara a new member of this forum, well i am here to learn something new or most importantly right diction as how to write things in an easiest and simplest manner … hopefully the guys who are already here will help in achieving that goal …



The entire website is currently being moved to a new server. The work started on the weekend. As a result, certain sections are temporarily unavailable.
Hopefully within a few days everything will be working normally again.

Your English is much better than mine. As mention,you just need to improve your writing, but I think I have lots to do. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you!

Thank you for informming me. If you do not, I’m still wondering whether there is any problem or not. Hopefullly, it will become normal soon so that I can practice my listening.

I need some materials for TOEIC listening practice. I have known some, but I’m still looking for the one that I have a look once. The problem is that I can’t remember the title. I can just describe that the Photograph tactics consist of small parts which answer the questions WHERE, WHAT, WHY… .I’m looking forward to your replies. Many thanks!

Hello. My name is Aide. I’m also newcomer. And of coarse i know nothing about your problem, but I hope u had already solved your problem. I just want to get acquainted with other users and I wonder if some of them could answer me.

Hi mraz!
Welcome to the forum!
I’m new to this site too.
hope we can be friend!

It takes me so long to get the responses from the others, or forum member may not know about my problem. I had better find out the answer myself. It’s nice to be friends, Aide. Why don’t you tell me some things about you? Then, I will let you know about me.

Hi, Hnguyen. I’m also a newcomer. I hope we can share the benefits of this site. Let’s enjoy.