Hi there, I am Seher from Turkey.

Hi friends,I am Seher from Turkey.I am an english teacher.I want to communicate as many people as possible through the forum to improve my english and worldly knowledge.

Hi Seher,

Welcome to our forum and thanks for joining our community. What school or institution do you work for and who are your students?
Talk to you soon,

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ı am glad to receive your e-mail.I am working for Düzce Vocational High School.My students are between the ages of 15 and 18.Yet,they are not so keen on learning English.This is my fourth year in teaching,as a result of my students’ unwilling attitude I have forgotten most of the words,grammar items and so on I know.this led me to join this forum.Ireally would like to more know about you.see you soon…

HI Seher,

I am Lusine from Yerevan, Armenia.
HOpe you are doing well, I have just joint this forum and you are the 1st person to talk to.
what is your occupation, in what city do you inhabit?

Its nice to hear about you.
I have graduated from the Institute of Foreign languages-English and German and already 10 years work at the Central Bank of Armenia in Personnel Trainig Division, we have had many guests from Turkey who attended in the seminars organized by the CBA.

welcome seher! i hope you enjoy your stay…:slight_smile:

hello …i am from tabriz…
nasilsiniz…? iyi misiniz…?
I want to improve my english language as fast as possible
I happy to meet you (yani tanishdimiza sevindim)

hi ahmed,iyiyim ya sen?it is fine to meet someone who knows Turkish.Are you Muslim by the way?I have always wondered Egypt and the pyramids.I and my husband are really willing to visit the pyramids.hope you will tell me more about them.see you