Hi, Please review my integrated task-2 and also my speaking skill.

Here according to author smoking prevention campaign have became success because many teens are joined the smoking prevention events. In contrast speaker says that to attend the events in not the only thing, teens have to apply in their lives then these campaigns are going to be success.

Author’s point of view is many students have involved in smoking prevention campaign and tobacco prevention campaign. They have done advertizing, literature distribution, workshops, and establish many clubs. Moreover, many students are participating in these events. So according to author, prevention campaigns have got success by these events. By getting success, public health department plans to expand the campaign to prevent smoking and tobacco habits, and public health issues.

While speaker says theses smoking prevention campaign must be evaluated with care because to know about the impact may or may not have had. She gave an example, in mid-western region people did the anti smoking events: advertisement in every community area, did workshops, started the clubs and distributed the literatures. But after attending these events 40% teen are try to smoke and few months later 58% teens are smoke very likely, this is too disgusting. Finally speaker said that if they want to prevent these things then they have to be honest to look at all this figures.

Thank you.

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