Hi, my name is Simon and I am a high school student

Hi, my name is Simon and I am a 15 year old high school student. I started to feel that my writing skills are very poor and it just would not improve, so I decided to do some extra work to extend in grammar and essays. I find that all my other marks in different subjects at school are also going down because of my limit to English. Most of the time when I write a short essay, it feels as if I did everything right. Yet when I recieve the essay back, the mark never goes above 70%. :frowning:

I appreciate you reading my introduction. I hope I can get along! :smiley:

Hi, Simon:
Keep writing and reading! Of course, keep posting here if you are free. :slight_smile:
Welcome from FangFang

Hi Simon

Welcome to the forum!

If you also get your texts carefully marked in red :), you can catch and classify your “typical” errors (grammar, limites vocabulary, style, whatever). And then get over them.

“Separate and dominate”, you know :slight_smile:

Also, excellent writing skills are obviously impossible to achive without lots of good reading :slight_smile:

Keep posting

Hi,Simon :o

nice to see you here…
most students have the same problem in learn language,but you have to be trust in yourself and skills and try study hard for improve your english .
I’m also not good In english but I have a lot of hope to be perfect. :wink:

again nice to meet you. :smiley:


“Nobody’s perfect” ©

Good morning, Dark :slight_smile:

Hi, Tamara! :o

except you… in your skills english
really, you perfect in english
I feel in that Tamara…

you still keep on your level in language. :wink:


Dear Simon,

Many thanks for joining our community, as you can see from the responses, we are glad to have you around. I’m quite sure you will improve your essay writing score because you obviously possess the most important ingredient to success: the willingness to change something for the better.

What I would like to know is what exactly your teachers don’t like about your essays? Have you asked them? What kind of advice have they given you?

Also, do you keep a diary or a blog? This might help practice your writing skills.

Let me know what you think and welcome again.

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