Hi! My name is Harry and I'm a teacher of English in Moscow

My name is Harry and I’m a teacher of English in Moscow.
Nice to meet all the members of this forum.

Hello Harry,

Welcome for joining our community, it’s great to have you around. Do you work for a state school in Moscow?

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Hi, Torsten!
Yes, I do. But it’s a multicultural school. I’m allowed to use my own methods of teaching. Besides this I am giving private lessons to earn my living.
Best wishes, Harry

Sounds very interesting, Harry. Could you please tell me more about your “multicultural school”? How is it different to other schools in Moscow? Also, how to do you find students for private tuition and where do you teach them?

Thanks a lot,

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Well, it’s not very big. There are about 200 pupils. We teach English in groups(about 10-15) in each. It’s very easy for me to teach as I have been teaching since 1977. I never use those old textbooks we have at school. I write lessons for my students and they really like them. There are a lot of clubs at school. The pupils study their first language besides Russian. We have teachers for all nationalities. As to my private tuition, my students find me and I teach them at their places. :slight_smile:

Hi Harry,
Do you know why I do not receive replies the way you do? Is it because my signature ? Or is it because people have negative attitudes towards Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular? But there is a fact that I would like every body to know : We-the Palestinians -are not so bad. We are a human type of race and we are like every body else.All of us are the sons of Adam and Eve. So Could you please forward my message to the Administrators who ,so far , ignored my entrence to the fourm ,though I was happy to meet people of the world . Please DO IT. Thank you.

I don’t think so. :frowning:


Hi Muin,

Sorry for giving you the impression we are ignoring you – I did read your introduction should have replied earlier. Of course I’m glad you have joined our community and we do want to share our experiences with you. We’ll be more than happy to discuss any question with you here on the forum.

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Hello Torsten,
Thank you for your reply. Now I feel alive so I can jive and dive into the depth of your sea to see what I can catch from your knowledge,free without a latch!! (excuse my being emotional)
You know well that people like to be a part of a group and this gives the sense of self esteem and value in the group and the society in general. Frankly speaking , I am happy to be one of you and to “dare to share” with you our experience.
Please give my compliments and respectfull regards to"G-six" i.e.the administrators:the Great Six establishers of this site.
Happy to hear from you again.

Oh, I am sorry I forgot to thank Harry for his efforts

Hi Harry

“Power to your elbow” for engaging in a profession that I have heard is very hard in your native country. I have a friend in Moscow who teaches, and said it is difficult considering that Russian is quite far away from English as a language. Also it apparently has a large vocabulary, as does English.

What do you think? Do you speak any other languages and do you find them easier than English?

Hi muin

I have not been on the forum for awhile and am not an admininstrator: But you should not feel that as you are from Pakistan that this is a reason you have been ignored up to now.

It is just a coincidence, I think. And as I have friends in UK from your native country and worked with a lot of guys from there I am genuinely interested. What region are you from, and have you ever visited the UK?

Hello Stewart,
Nice to receive replies, thank you. You know that Gaza Strip is the most crowded areas on the planet and even politically the hotest in the region.
You may want to know about the educational system and the conditions of ELT here in Palestine. So I think it is my job to convey this to the world because we are colleagues, aren’t we? We share the joys and the worries of the profession. Anyway, I hope you realised what I mean and understood the psychological state of “English under occupation and internal chaos”
Keep in touch good friend.

Hi Muin

Nice to meet you.
Can you tell us more about English in the Gaza Strip? What sorts of English classes do you teach? What age(s) are your students? And what about your interest in music? Can you tell us more about that?


Your reference to the “G-Six” on this site was a very clever turn of phrase. :wink:

Hi, Steward!
Nice to meet you. It’s really very hard to teach Russians to speak English. It’s mainly because of their pronunciation.But I’m trying hard and I must say I know how to teach them as I have been teaching English in Russian schools for a very long period of time.Russia isn’t my native country. I come from Armenia. Besides Armenian I speak Russian, a little German a little Danish and of course English. I feel very comfotrtable when I speak Armenian, Russian and English. All the languages become very easy when you have a great wish. This is what I tell my students who learn English. Can you believe when I feel they have a great wish I teach them easily. By the way Armenian is very easy to learn.

I know!!!

I’m too late to say: [size=150][color=red]a big welcome [/size]to you, Harry!

nice chance, because I meet english teacher from Moscow here, :smiley:

I read most your posts, especially your answer in forums ([color=blue]English Teacher Explanations & English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms) really I found them so good to me, many thanks.

I guess the Moscow(city of snow ) it’s wonderful city.

opsssss :oops:

sorry, I’m Mehi from Syria and I wish you had nice life in your multicultural school. :wink:

Best wishes

Hello Amy,
Nice to meet you too.Well, English in Gaza has so far passed a lot of circumstances which imposed the ideology and philosophy of any authority. I remmember when I was young I studied English at the age of 13. It was called at that time “preparotory level” . It was the audio-lingual method -as I learned later.that we were taught through.The material was not authentic but that was fashionable at that time. Then came L.G Alexander with his series of New Concept English: Practice and progress for Secondary Level ,then Developing Skills and finally Fluency in English for more advanced learners. During the ocupation days they changed the syllabus to include Excel in English, followed by
Hello ( eight series). Today, we teach English for Palestine from the 1st grade (6year)to 12th grade (18 year ).
Actually, I teach English for Secondary Level (12th) grade ,girl’s school, as you might know we don’t have mixed sexes,although we have male teachers and female ones ,even our principal is a woman! But we deal with each other as brothers and the girls are our daughters . We do not have stories ! like other societies. I do not mean to show that we better than others but it is the philosophy of society. Peopl feel that their daughters are secured and who commit a moral mistake i.e.betray his honesty and the rules of the profession , wow wow wow…A big scandal and you know the rest of the story.
Music, all people love music. even the fudmentalists like music but descent music .I mean no bad words or swear things or discribing the beauty of a woman! For me I wanted to use music inmy teaching but do you think the people of my town will agree? Maybe but with reservation.Although I played the guitar with an oriental band in wedding parties ,people respeted me even if they saw me on the stage. I never allowed anyone to mock my being a musician. I used to tell them that at school I am ateacher but out I am free!!!
I changed the guitar to play oriental music : playing the quarter of a tune . inyour music you only have half tune but in Arabic ,there is a variety of scales ,in addition to western music( major scale ,minor , 7th , diminished ,9th, sus, pentatonic ,rock ,heavy meta,l blues…etc.
I hope you enjoyed this though I am humble and do not like showing off because I believe that nothing last forever except good deeds that we take with us in our graves.
hank you Amy again ,and stay in touch.
Salam Alikom(Peace be upon you)

By the way Amy, Alan Johnston;the BBC correspondent in Gaza was a friend of mine. I fought to release him because I translated reports for him and he even made adocumentary report entitled :A day in the life of a Palestinian Teacher. I was the model. Realy he is a good man and he helped to show the world how we suffer during the millitary operationlast summer by Israel which was called Summer Rain. Do you know what was the rain? It was the fragments of artillary shelling bombs ,flying over the town killing civillians . Alan himself came to my house and lived the experience. I used to watch from a hole in the wall ,seeing the explosion before the sound come near. I was able to hear the buzzing sound of a flying fragment to land finally on my roof!!
What can say Amy! I can’t sing " Those were the days my friend"

we also need a native speaker of english for a vacancy of teacher!)