Hi, My mane is Masallah, I'm from east Turkey. I like to speak very good Engilsh

:smiley: my mane ıs masallah ım from east turky ı lıke to speek very good engilsh and also for my work ! my work ıs sculptur asıstans ı make mold of sculptur ı like to send emaıl to my freınds and also know all what they sent me too but ı hope ı wıll be aybl to laornıng engilsh soon thanks

Good morning Masallh, if your wish is only to speak in English, then you can easily achieve this. You already have the basics well enough.

But if you wish to write in English, then you have a very long road ahead of you.


thanks so mach ım really very happy to hear from you thanks !! ı just wnat to wrıt english ofcourse but ıts not easy for me couse ım all the day workıng so hard ım not free help for tha pls thans alost