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Topic: many think it is important to protect the Environment but they make no effort themselves? Why. Give your opinion?

It is irrefutable that environmental problems are occurring at an alarming rate and becoming a global priority for government and universal community as a whole. However, when it comes to doing something, no one steps forward. My essay will shed light on why people keep taking so little notice of protecting the environment and suggest some potential measures that can be taken at an individual level.

There are many reasons behind people’s indifferent attitudes toward the environment. The first and foremost reason is because people do not know what actually caused environmental problems. They fail to realize that global warming is stemming from billions of decisions made by common men. To illustrate, people cut down trees for their own needs, use many luxuries that require a great amount of conventional sources of energy to produce and maintain, drive cars which leads to air pollution as well as respiration-related diseases, waste resources like fresh water. However, only when awareness is brought about will people take steps forward in this direction.

Another reason accounting for people not paying enough attention to environment is that they hold that their individual actions seem insignificant compared to the large scale and great complexity of global environmental issues . What should be made clear here is that small measures taken by individuals, in fact, take a mammoth dimension if mounted up . Take an example in India- a country with its population of over one billion, should every single person plants a tree and nurtures it for a few months, the result will be unimaginable. Similarly, ordinary men should take simple steps by recycling things like newspapers, plastic and so on, walking for short distance instead of using private vehicles, opting for public transit for long distance.

One reason why people do so little to protect environment is that they are too busy in their quest of fame and wealth, thus becoming workaholics and having no time to spare a thought for the Environment. They fail to realize that should nothing be done today, it might be too late tomorrow as the rate at which the global warming is occurring is transforming our planet Earth into a boiling pot and the Earth will soon become no longer inhabitable to live.

On balance, the onus of protecting out Mother Nature should not lie only on the shoulders of government or large companies. We – ordinary people should come forward to do a bid to save the world before it is too late as it has been rightly said that :” little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the vast land.”

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Hi Impossibleme, more great writing, though I have a couple issues with your thesis statement and first topic statement. See my comments below.