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For successful development of a country, should a government focus its budget more on very young children education rather than on universities?

Education, as the bedrock of a well-sounded society, has always be the tough puzzle for the authorities, specifically, on how to distribute the limited educational budge. Some argue that the budget should invenst more on the elementary education than university edcation since the latter has gained innumerable funds from individuals, cooperations and some charitable organizations. However, it is believed that the authorities should take priority to the university education due to its uniqueness.

Granted, toddlers are easily to become the prey to physical damages since they are curious about everything in the world. Parents and teachers should prevent them from suffering such a physical damage. But the responsiblities should be placed on the shoulders of parents, teachers, not on the governments. For most real cases in such a circumstance, the goverment acts more like a passively machine rather than a activately mechanism, since it just affords the basic medicine equipments.

The first benefit from it is that it can resharp university students’ intellect. The goverment should shoulder the responsiblity to enable all those university students, who are going to be the elites of the modern city, to be immese in the ocean of knowledge, to be involve in extracurricular activities meeting with various people and to expand their outlooks toward the world. Only those promising students are armed to participate in the modern society, can a state, the society and even the whole world goes up. On the contrast,if the government not prompt to enhace the quality of the university education, it will ensue the curruption of cornerstone of modern civilization.

Besides, since university students are afflicted by the plethora of bloody images in the TV and pemssive attitude broadcasting among the Internet alike, government should shoulder the reponsiblity to act as a guilder to show the appropriate path of life. No one can deny that the whole society has been inundated with colossal negative information, such as the worship toward the lavish life, yearly increasing criminal rates, and permanent drug problems. University students who are still in the formative years are still forced to obtian and accept those news, and obsorb them. It is easily to imagine that those university students are likely to go astray without the guidance from adults, professors and the authorities. So, it is the government’s responsibility to instill the high moral values, promopt the students’ mental development.

Considering all the reasons metioned above, it is hard to say that the priority of university education should fade away and switch to basic education. Only with the increasing investiment on the university education can prevent a wid range of social-economical problems, can motivat students to pursue dreams.

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Hi Hanyu, I thought your essay was not too bad. You have addressed the topic correctly and your first paragraph was pretty convincing. Your second paragraph was not as convincing though. I assume that other paragraph came from another essay, at least I hope so. You had quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes in this one, along with some odd and awkward sounding phrases and sentences. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

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