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Groups or organizations are an important part of some people’s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Current studies and several concrete evidence have shown that human being in nature tends to belong to a group or organization. According to psychological studies, what attracts people to join organizations and groups is the social, emotional and financial support- three elements that are essential for human well-being- which groups provide.

As a social creature, human being needs to interact with others. Psychologists convincingly state that social communication plays a critical part in one’s life; that is, even the most introverted personalities look for small group where they can interrelate with members with same ideas. Moreover, a long-term study on autistic children substantiated the fact that joining groups or organizations can help these children with their psychological improvement. According to this study, autistic children who attended support groups were ten percent more likely to show improvement in their social behavior than the controlled group. The sense of belonging to an organization enhances an individual’s social life.

A further point to keep in mind is that our emotional well-being is interrelated closely with our interaction with others. Joining a group gives us a sense of belonging to a community where we can explore our identity and feelings. In other words, many groups, such as support groups, facilitate friendly atmosphere where members can freely express their emotions and beliefs; therefore, improve their emotional health. It is highly recommended by psychological experts that stating one’s thoughts and feelings in a group enhances individual’s emotional well-being.

Besides emotional and social supports that groups provide for their members, many organizations are founded to back up their members financially. For example, religious communities such as churches supply their members with cash aid and other basic life necessities. University Unions offer scholarships for talented students. Department of social services provide cash aid, food stamp, and free health insurance for low-income families. Financial support is one of the main reasons that attract people to join organizations.

To wrap it up, organizations play an important role in an individual’s social, emotional, and financial life. Through participating in group events, one can find his identity, express his inner feelings, and feel supported in term of financial issues.

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