Hi Luschen, please help me to correct some short passages.

English for topic of mrs. Huyen at quang Hai.

  1. My close friend is Lan. She is 25 years old. She is a bit taller than me, a bit thin but quite beautiful. Her homeland is in Ninh Binh. I met her at our university. We often study together. I think she really is a close friend because she is stand by, helps, encourages, and supports me when I have trouble, when I am happy, also bad. Besides, we share some of hobbies like shopping, cooking, and reading.

  2. I like playing tennis. I start to like it when I watched a match. I only need some equipment like jacket, trainer. I often play second at the weekend with my friends, include 2 or 4 people. I think it is easy to play because I don’t need a lot of equipments, easy to learn and I can play at any place.

  3. I like bananas/ apples or apple.

  4. I like to kick or kicking football.

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Thanks Luschen very much.

yes, In sentence 3, I mean " I like bananas and apples". I am , however, a bit confused why don’t we use singular in this sentence “apple”. We have to use plural “apples”

  1. I mean " I like to play footballs" why don’t you use “I like playing football” ( football in singular). PLease help me to make them clearer.

Thank you again.

  1. We use the plural because presumably you like more than on very particular apple.
  2. You need the singular because the game is ‘football’. ‘Footballs’ relates to the balls used when playing the game, not the game itself.

Yes, sorry about that, it should be I like to play football. I am making a lot of careless errors lately, luckily I have Beeesneees to back me up. I will try to be more careful in the future.