Hi Luschen, Please help me check my Toefl essay. Thank you!

Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives. : Airplane, automobiles, bicycle.
Airplane is one of the revolutionary inventions that influence on people’s life significantly. That’s only the mean of transportation in our planet could bring us through continents in a shortest time. That’s the symbol of human’s dream in changing the world.
First and foremost, airplane is the symbol that proves human’s ability in conquering nature. The dream about flying far and high as bird date back from thousand years ago in old legend. People imagine the Saints that have swings and fly. After that, a tailor created a device made from cloth that he thought it could fly. Finally, airplane was invented by the great effort of two brothers. This process shows that people with their dream and intelligent can be against the nature. That always encourages the youth to create more and change the world.
Airplane made the revolution in transportation; this is the first time people could move by taking off the ground. Like no other means of transportation such as motorbike, bicycle and so on, airplane is the fastest mean of transportation that helps us moving among places more convenient. In our modern society, when the demand for transportation increases dramatically due to cultural exchanges, economic cooperation among countries in the world, flying becomes more popular than ever. Businessmen may be typical examples for those who fly from one place to another for business trip. A businessman could be at Tokyo in the morning for signing contract then at the Singapore to see partners in the evening of the same day.
To conclude, airplane is really a great invention of all times when it changes our speed in movement, it contributes to our better life and it’s really a symbol of the human’s hope to reach to any achievement. I believe that, in the future, flying will become more affordable and common that every people can go anywhere they want to satisfy their dream to explore the world.

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Hi Hang,
I enjoy reading your essays as always. Yet, I have a few suggestions on how you could improve some of the sentence structures:
“Airplane is one of the revolutionary inventions, which significantly influenced people’s lives. It is the only means of transportation in the world which can get us in any corner of the world in the shortest time frame. Airplane is the symbol of human’s dream about changing the world.
First and foremost, airplane si the symbol of people’s ability to overcome the laws of nature. According to an ancient legend, teh dream about flying high and far like a bird dates back to early times, several thousands years ago. Peopel imagined saints as winged creatures who could fly…”
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