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[size=150][color=red]Forests, animals and clean water. Choose one resource that is disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved. Use specific examples and reasons to support your opinion.

The story of life on Earth is the most glorious story we hitherto have ever known. There are many important factors contributing to the miraculous emergence and maintenance of our existence. It is obviously imperative for us to conserve some crucial factors to which we cling on for our survival such as forests, animals and clean water. Sadly, with the rapid development of today modern society, all those factors are on the decline quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Among them, deforestation stands out as one of the most conspicuous and exigent problem remaining on Earth. As far as I am concerned, we need to stop flattening our forests due to their effectiveness in providing shelter for terrestrial species, a favorable environment for agriculture, and our clean sources of water.

First of all, forests bestow upon us a safe and hospitable environment to live in. It has scientifically proved that forest, which provides a genial atmosphere for life to flourish, is one of the most distinctive factors that differentiates Earth with other dead planets. Forest is entitled our “green lungs” as it produces most of oxygen and sequesters most of toxic gases through the process of photosynthesis. Similarly, it also play a pivotal role in providing shelter for a countless number of creatures under its cool shadow and vegetational covers. Deforestation is prevalent now, so are in danger the lives of many species and human beings. Protecting our jungles is more urgent now than ever before.

Furthermore, deforestation also poses a serious threat to cultivation. Agriculture greatly depends on the weather conditions and the fertility of the soil that we cultivate. According the NY Times Newspaper, many countries in the Southeast Asia and Africa are suffering from devastating flooding, which directly originates from speedy deforestation. Worse still, people here are also facing with food shortages due to low agricultural productivity because deforestation has eventually resulted in exhausted and barren topsoil. As the population on Earth grows, food security will be the greatest problem if we continue wiping out our forests.

Finally, yet importantly, there would be no clean water without the positive roles played by our forests. Truly, forests are playing a crucial part in keeping our water resources hygienic and healthy through their roles of natural reservoirs, absorbing, filtering, and gradually releasing water to forest streams and finally to our families. This exact process protects the purity of water and the consistency of its flows. Deforestation in many countries has deprived their citizens from the availability of hygienic water. If we do not act now, this problem will soon spread out globally.

In a word, protecting our forest is paramount and the most necessary activity needed to be enacted immediately. To grow verdant and wide-spread forests on Earth is the only way to have the environment, in which human beings plus animals live, ameliorated, as well as the food security and clean water problems solved. It is safe to say that human beings’ survival largely depends on the existence of our “green lungs”.

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Hi, I think this was a very good essay. It seems I have heard a lot of talk about “green lungs” - is this something they talk about in Vietnamese English classes? :wink: I really liked your introduction - very creative. Your body paragraphs were also good with clear topic sentences, good development, and relevant examples. Your vocabulary was pretty good, but you did have some awkward sounding sentences towards the end. You also had a few minor grammatical errors here and there. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Hi luschen, I was just a bit confused.

… I SEE people use “role of” a lot as it indicates roles played by something.

I think that there are many “forest streams” so that not one but many flows here. :slight_smile:

… I SEE people use “role of” a lot as it indicates roles played by something.
Hmm, when I think of “role of”, the object of the preposition is the thing performing the role - “The role of a student is to be a learner.” “The student’s role as a learner is critical.” Maybe you could give me some examples of these people you see :slight_smile: .

I see your point now, but “flows” here might be misconstrued as an error. It sounds like you are talking about the flow of water in general. For specific streams, it might be safer to say, “The consistency of its sources …”