Hi Luschen. Please, check my essay.

It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Friendship is one of the most important relationships in the life of any person. Friendship is not easy to be built and it is even harder to keep it as the years pass. There are may be various amounts of obstacles occured during the friendship, but I think none of those obstacles have enough power to destroy it, if it is real and strong. Consequently, such thing as borrowing money, also cannot harm the friendship.

When one person has substantial problems in terms of financial needs, he or she most probably will appeal to close people who appreciate him or her and are ready to help. Such kind of people may be friends and I do not see any harm to friendship if one friend lends some money to another. Moreover, friendship may become even stronger because of appreciation, admiration and thanksgiving For instance when one friend of mine asked me to lend him some money, I gave him the amount he needed, and nothing negative happened. After some time passed, he returned me that amount and was very thankful for the help.

Some people may say that problem may occur when one friend borrows money and does not return it back. I think this situation is quite obvious and should not be considered as a problem. If one friend does not return money to another one, so it is understood that he or she does not have an opportunity to return it right now. But in the case when a person does not return money intentionally, because of greediness, this person cannot be considered as a friend and a relationship with that person should immediately be ended. It does not mean that friendship is harmed, it means that it was not friendship at all. So borrowing money can even be considered as an effective examination of friendship.

Let us consider another example. One friend does not want to lend money because also has strong needs in financial terms or even does not have money at all. Then the friend who asked for money get offended, and friendship is over. This kind of situation also indicates problems in the relationship of two people, and shows that relationship they had could not be called friendship. Real friends would trust each other and understand each other, so this kind of problem would never happen.

As I mentioned above, borrowing money cannot destroy friendship. Destruction of friendship happens not because of money, but because of mistrust, wrong perception of each other’s actions, or wrong communication skills. Whereas to lend some money to a friend can really help him or her and solve some problems.

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Hi Martin, I thought your writing was very good in this one. For this essay, I think it would be better to have a strong topic sentence for your last two body paragraphs. Also, I would combine those paragraphs into one, since they focus on the same point. The topic sentence would be something like : Furthermore, if a friendship is damaged by a monetary loan, chances are that friendship was not very strong in the first place and probably doomed to failure anyway. That tells the reader the point your are going to make with your examples. Also, I think adding transitions to the opening sentences of your body paragraphs and conclusions would help guide the reader as well. You do not have very many errors though - some missing articles and a few minor sentence structures. Despite your poor topic sentences, I would probably still rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you Luschen.