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Topic:Do you agree or disagree,The environmental issue is too complex to be handled by the individual.

There is a growing worldwide awareness of the need for strengthened environmental protection with the increasing seriousness of environment issues. In my view, the environment issues include climate changes, pollution, environment degradation and so forh. Although many people doubt that it is hard for them to deal with the environment issues because of its complexity, I support that individuals could consciously contribute to handle them.

To begin with, solving environment problems is not the only responsibility for governments but every individual’s duty to protect the enviornment. In fact, with the rapid development of industry during the current years, the burning fuels drastically increased the amount of carbon dioxide that humans are putting into the atmosphere and promote the greenhouse effect. To mitigate such a case, we could take subways instead of buses or cars or use renewable energy resources which are more environmental to reduce the consumption of fuels. Actually, planting trees are the most efficient way to relieve the greenhouse effect.According to a survey, nearly ten years ago, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the amtmosphere actually reaches its peak in China, therefore, the government advocated citizens to plant trees to solve the problem. After several years, the concentration of greenhouse gases gradually went down. And now, we still sustain the custom to plant trees in Arbor Day every year to avoid the aggravation of the greenhouse. Thus, as an individual, we can devote ourselves to handle the environment problems.

In addition, most environment pollution is mainly caused by human activties, so individuals should deal with these problems by themselves. For example, the water pollution has become more serious except for the convenience of factories to release waste water into river,it was also caused by sanitary sewage, because those who living besides the river were accustomed to put waste water into river, and the major source was the element of laundry detergent-phosphorus. Actually,it has influenced the water usage of the country. However,after realizing the crucial problem, the quality of river has been improved because these inhabitants did not put the waste water into river any more.

In sum, whatever the environment issues is climate changes or pollution,most of them are caused by human activities. Although it is necessary for government to deal with them, as long as individuals have consciousness of environment protcetion, they could also handle these complex problems.

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