HI Luschen,''how your birthorder influences your life adjustment''CATW ESSAY.

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Q;Read the passage and write an essay in response to ideas it presents. Summariz ttere the passage in your own words. Develop your essay by identifying one idea in the passage, and explain its significance with examples.

The attitude of a child is determined by his or her birth order in a family. The youngest behaves differently as compared to the oldest one and middle one, and the only child adapts a entirely different behavior.
In his article ‘‘How Your Birth Order influences Your Life Adjustment’’ Lucille Forer writes that a child is called the only child ,oldest ,middle and the youngest one according to his or her birth order. He also mentions that birth order shapes the behavior of a child in his or her mind and in eyes of other members of a
family. The oldest child is more competent than middle and the youngest one, and the middle child is considered better than the youngest one. However, the only child being lonely becomes independent. I agree with the author that child adopts specific behavior in terms of his or her position in a family.

I am the youngest of my siblings and I have one elder sister and two brothers. Being the youngest, all family members love and take care of me. My mother was a teacher, so it was the responsibility of my elder sister to take care of her younger siblings and to do some chores around the house after returning from school. Being youngest has a profound impact on my life adjustment, this makes me less responsible, introvert, immature and dependent upon others. For example, when I got admission in Dhaka Medical college, I had to live in dorm. Being immature and introvert I felt difficulty to get along with my room mates. I could not take any decision on my own and always looked forward for help from others. Now I am thirty years old, my life experiences has made me mature and extrovert, but some kind of immaturity is still present in my personality and my older siblings still behave as they behave me thirty years ago.

Every picture has two parts: one bright side and one dark side. My youngest position made me less competent ,immature . BUT I was more successful as compared to my other siblings. Whenever I need help and guidance my elder brother and sisters were always around to help me. It was all because of them that I became a successful doctor.

In short, attitude of a child develops according to his or her birth order in a family. Mostly, the youngest one is less competent, introvert, and immature ,while oldest one is more competent, and responsible.

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Hi, I think this essay was much better than your previous one. You did a good job of expanding on the ideas of the essay and detailing them with personal examples from your own life. As I said below, it might have been nice to address more of the benefits of being the youngest instead of mainly focusing on the drawbacks.