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The line chart gives information about energy consumption in the U.S.A since 1980. It indicates that by the year 2030, petrol and oil will possess the dominant position.

In 1980, petrol and oil stood at 35 quadrillion units, followed by the natural gas and coal(at 20 15 quadrillion, respectively). While other three types of fuel sources generally maintained the same level, averaging approximately 5 quadrillion. However, in spite of some fluctuations in the expected percentage, petrol and oil had increased to almost 40 by the year 2012. Coal and natural gas also fluctuated with their own patterns, both leveled off at nearly 25 quadrillion units in around 2012. Other sources were still consumed under 10 quadrillion units, but nuclear power generally outnumbered solar/wind and hydro power.

From 2013 onwards, it suggests that only petrol, oil and coal will continue to increase, although petrol oil and coal will still maintain the top position by the year 2030. Also, coal and natural gas will reach the same level in around 2014. While other sources will remain stable in the next 17 years.

Overall, it is clear that petrol, oil and coal will become the principle fuel sources in America.

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Hi Zachray, I thought your report did a pretty good job of summing up the data, though I see some minor errors and a few improvements that could be made. This is not quite a 7 level, I would rate it a band 6.