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The pie charts display how the amount of resources which were used to generate electricity varied between 1980 and 2000 in Australia and France.

As can be seen from the first two pie charts represented the fuel source constitution of Australia, only the usage of hydro power and coal showed an upward trend (16 units and 80 units, respectively). Especially coal, took up more than three-thirds of the total production by the year of 2000. However, the remaining two resources declined substantially. More precisely, the usage of natural gas decreased to only 2units and that of oil decreased to 8 units.

On the other hand, the year of 2000 witnessed substantial variations in the amount of resources in France. Specifically, by the year 2000, nuclear power occupied the largest percentage of all the fuel source and produced 126 units of electricity power. By contrast, a staggering decline trend came from the natural gas, which used to be the largest in 1980(25 units), bottomed out to only 2 units by the end of 2000. Other fuel resource remained stable for much of its period.
Over all, by the year of 2000, coal was the most prevalent fuel source to produce electricity in Australia while the most commonly used source in France was nuclear power,

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