Hi Luschen, ''A True Instinct for the Beautiful.''CAT W.Please corrrect it.

Children love to play, dream, imagine ,explore,wonder and discover; parents and children can play a pivotal role to nourish and nurture the sense of wonder in childern. In his essay,’’ A True Instinct for the Beautiful.’’ Rachel Carson describes that children has inborn sense of wonder which should be cultivated otherwise it is lost before they reach adulthood . (MAIN IDEA).He also asserts that gift to each child is the sense of wonder that will remain alive for whole life. It is unfailing skill against the dull routines and responsibility of adult life, the fascination for artificial things, and separation from the source of strength. Moreover, he posits that in order to keep alive this sense of awe in children, supervision of an adult is needed who can share with them joy and curiosity of this world. Besides, parents have to face challenge to deal with curious mind of child along with the complexity of the world. Furthermore, Carsen points out that it is more important to feel than to know the facts since emotion is the soil in which seeds of facts grow in to knowledge. Carson also mentions that early childhood is the time when we can flourish and connect the sentiment
(emotions), beauty and awareness of things in the children and once the feelings are developed, they will be more curious to know about the things .
I support the author’s idea that inorder to keep alive a sense of wonder in children , a companionship of adult is required to share the enjoyment, feelings and mystery of the world… For instance, teachers went to park with younger children and she walks by without noticing the butterfly flying from one flower to other flower then children will also not pay attention to this butterfly. In other words if teacher having not enough knowledge about the science just show her enthusiasm to nature, children will follow this and try to observe the other beauty of nature. Later on they try to get information about the butterfly including its life cycle, types, food and so on.On the other hand if children are just forced to memorize the life cycle of butterfly without feeling and observing it ,they will not show too much interest in memorizing it.
The questions is that how can we develop this sense of awe in younger children. I think that both parents and children can play an important role. They should encourage the children to explore, feel, taste, see, hear and get into things that are safe. Children should be given ample opportunity to jump, climb and run. Moreover ,adults should interact the child and her world with evident interest, joy, and humor. Furthermore, parents should show delight and pleasure and create the novelty towards the life’s mundane and daily chores. Parents and teachers should also ask question in the classroom. Besides the young children should be allowed to choose the play activities of their own interest. Last but not least ,the efforts of young children should be encouraged and prized; children sense of wonder is damaged if their efforts are often met by the adult correction and criticism.
To summary, I agree with the author that adults’ participation especially parents and educators is very important to foster the sense of wonder in the young children. I f adults participate with the enthusiasm of children to explore the outer world ,the sense of wonder will not lost in the children. By implementing above fore mentioned strategies, parents and teachers can foster the sense of wonder in the younger children .
(I am very confused which idea should I choose to develop my essay.Please give me some suggestions. Am I successful ?)

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Hi Huriahkh, I think you did a very good job with this essay. I thought the article itself was pretty vague and not that well-written, with a couple of grammatical errors. Your essay really seemed to clarify it for me. I liked your example of the butterfly, where a teacher who is enthusiastic can surpass a more knowledgeable teacher who only focuses on the facts. You also did a better job of rephrasing your summary and putting it into your own words. You did have some errors in grammar and word choice, but overall, I thought this was one of your best.

Hi Huriahkh,

Your Essay was very good when I happened to read (browsing). I too liked the butterfly example. Now-a-days the children will teach us all which we don’t know.
The teacher has to learn more things from children since they are more knowledgeable than teachers and old people. They learn everything through media like internet, TV and so on. When we studied in the school, we couldn’t learn anything without teachers guidance, now the trends have been changed. Now-a-days, if you give any concept/topic to the children, they will prepare themselves like project and explain to the teacher nicely.
Your essay was good. It is only my opinion about to-days generation.

Thank you


‘Nowadays’ is one word.
‘today’ is one word.
(today’s generation)

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