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I can’t express my feeling now. Because it has a little happiness and a bit sadness. Today is a special day in my and my husband’s lives. This day of 3 years ago, It was the first time I met my husband: Lam Hong Hiep - It was his 24th birthday. He brought me some mangoes and a sad feeling: “Today is my birthday. I bought some fruits for you.” A year later, it was also this day, we started our love in happiness. Wonderful things appeared in front of my eyes. We experienced many many things together: happiness, pain, sadness, … Two years later, we are preparing to welcome our son’s borning. But on this day - when he is 27 years old … He said that he wanted to save money to celebrate my following birthday - this April 30th - when I am 24 years old… I can’t do anything for him.I can’t even buy him a gift to cheer him. I feel I am a useless person. I have never stopped loving him. I hope that I can do whatever he wants, he needs and he likes.

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