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Because computers can translate all languages very quickly and accurately, learning a foreign language is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that doing a translation of second languages by modern devices such as a computer is such a faster and easier way. Consequently, it is time-consuming to study a foreign language. From my perspective, I totally disagree with this point of view.

Firstly, computer, especially some translation apps are impossible to do the perfect translation tasks. Translation software programs, even though, are up-to-date tools, helps people to translate more quickly, they are not smarter to compared with human beings. Moreover, the ability to express emotions in all communicational contexts seems to be a feasible job for all translation apps. That is the reason why people are likely to have difficulty in build a strong relation with collages, neighbours, or others if they do not learn the local languages.

Secondly, The usage of machine translations has its limitations. We can not deny that doing a translation job just wastes several seconds, however, in the case of emergency and unconnected and unavailable computers, the inabilities to understand and speak a second language cause us great troubles. Another example is that if you study abroad in a foreign nation, you will encounter various problems when you rely on smart translating devices like gg translate.

To sum up, thanks to the development of computers nowadays make our life easier and faster in translating, learning a foreign language is very crucial and necessary.


The computer only the device which translate the language and make it easy, unless you know language correctly.

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