Hi I'm Shameem from London, living in Leipzig

A big hello to everyone here!

I’m a Londoner, but I’ve been living in Leipzig for the past few years. I haven’t worked Germany yet - only as a busy mum.

I did the Celta course in June this year at the Berlin School of English and am looking for work here in Leipzig. Is anyone else here living in Leipzig?

Bye for now, S :smiley:

Hi Shameem

I am a Leipziger for the past 7 years, quite well networked and have my own company.

I did the first Berlin Celta course, did Dominic or Anthony run it? How are they?

Maybe wanna join my English speaking Stammtisch e-mail list?

How are you finding Leipzig, it is a beautiful village city, innit?

cheers stew.t.

Hey Stew,

thanx for your reply. We had coffee remember? You suggested I do the celta - so I did. Domininc is still there; we had fun classes with him, especially phonemes :lol: he’s really sweet. Our tutors were Helen and Gui, (he’s so funny).
We all became really good friends and I stayed in the school flat. It was full-on though, I mean pretty tough. Was it like that when you did it?

Yeah Leipzig is cool, though I do miss London at times. I suppose it’s natural to miss your home town now and then.

I’m going to observe a lesson 2nite at a Sprachschule where I’ve been offered some work. It took us hours to do 1 lesson plan on the celta, so the thought of doing lesson plans for hours per day is scary :shock: as I said, any tips would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

How about another coffee sometime?

Take care, S

Hi S

Of course I remember, but did not assume you were one of the same. :shock:
Glad you took my advice.
Helen I know as she was one of the tutors, she was especially critical if I remember. Gui must be new.
I also stayed in Martin´s old flat.

And yes it was a hard, but well beneficial, course. Prepares you for the classroom battlefield and minefield of language issues.

Keep in mind the planning is partly for honing this skill, and passing the course. Depending on the style you develop, you will prepare less.

I have become a skills focused, and generative trainer. What I mean by the latter is that I rarely focus on a grammar point as I deal with these when they come up. This is due to the level of my students and if I do then it is down to their request. However I have some Beginner students who want grammar all the time, so I give them some, even if they often question the logic behind the English system.

And if you want send me an e-mail, and you can join our Stammtisch next week for a brew.

cheers stew.t.

Hi there,

yes I think your method for dealing with grammar points as and when they arise is a good way, especially for upper intermediate+

It’s true about Helen being critical, though she was very nice to me - better than Gui anyway! Miartin is still there, he’s very nice and approachable.

Yeah I’d like to join your Stammtisch woteva that is (excuse my bad English - lol), it all helps for a newbie at this teaching thing :S

bfn, S

Hi Shameem,

Looking forward to seeing you at the Stammtisch, round table for ex-pats and eager Germans/Germans eager to practice their English.

The craic is mighty :wink:



Hi there,

thanx - be nice to meet you too and get a chance to meet other English speakers here.

'til then,

Shameem :slight_smile:

Hi Shameem,

How are things with you? Are you busy teaching? I’m asking because you might be interested in any of these jobs.

Please let me know what you think.
Many thanks,

TOEIC listening, photographs: An airline cockpit[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,

Thanks very much for your offer. I’ve heard of you from Stew and Ralf, (all good things of course :wink: ).

Whislt I’m always interested in work, these places are just a little far for me to travel and a little bit too early in the morning as I need to get my little one ready for school.
I don’t have a car at the moment either.

I’m currently working 5 UE x 3 days a week until 10th Oct, run a Tues evening course somewhere else for another couple of months and have some bookings for various dates in November at a firm in Leipzig. I tutor an Abitur student on Friday evenings and a couple on Wednesday evenings.

Ideally, I’m looking for something to start the week following 10th Oct; during the day, from 9am - 2/3pm would be great!!! Also, within Leipzig would really be best for me. I know it’s a tall order, but as I don’t have wheels and also have a little one to care for… :?

What’s your position here in Leipzig? It would be nice to meet-up sometime.

Best regards,
Shameem :smiley:

Hi Shameem,

Thanks a lot for your immediate response. Our office is at Atriumstrasse 4. If you like, we can also meet at this ESL trainer workshop in Leipzig.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi there,

thanx for that. Stew sent us all an invite, but thanx for reminding me. It’s literally a 2 min walk from me so no excuse - c u there :slight_smile:


Hi shameem, I just wanted to know if you are from Mauritius.
I had a very nice friend named Shameem and I want to keep in touch .
Please let me know.
My name is Vishal and I just hope its you …
I was in the police force.