Hi, I'm Nico. I'm from Romania and I have been living in Chicago...

My name is Nico and I’m from Romania.
Thank you for first lesson ; was interesting and I’m waiting for the second lesson;
The test was great but I had 3 wrong answers; I hope the next will be better;
I have a little problem whit the present perfect but I must to learn the rules and everything will be fine; :lol:

Hi,my name is Ana I’m from Brazil. I would like to thank you for my first lesson. I had no difficult to do it. I was flabbergasted when I discovered this site. I really appreciated it. Once in a blue moon,we have a stroke of luck. Thank you for the opportunity.

I’m Nico
I’m from Romania and I have been living in Chicago for almost four years
I’m 46 years old
I have one child, a boy; he is 11 years old
I’m homemaker but next year I’m going to look for a job; I’m upsaid because I’m not sure if I find something; the problem is my English, so I try to improve it with your help;
I’m interested in playing with my son, riding the bike, watching TV, reading Magazines
Tank you, :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear Nico,

Many thanks for joining our forum. It’s great to hear you want to improve your English and I’m sure you will achieve your goal. What language do you speak with your son? I guess he is bilingual? Also, what is your favorite TV show and what kind of magazines do you like reading? I’m asking these questions to see how I can best help you.

Talk to you soon,

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Thank you for your email; it came very fast;
With my son I speak our language so is not easy for me to speak English; but I do my best-I’m a volunteer at a hospital, one day a week, and the ladies help me a lot;
I prefer to watch Travel Channel( where you can find and learn interesting things), some short serials( CSI-Miami, Law and Order) ,about food recepies ;
I don’t have a special magazine but I like to read about cinema and music stars, stories about different problems with the kids( their behavior);
But my big problem is I can’t remember new words so my English is poor!!!
What can I do?
Maybe you have a solution for me?
I’ll see you later!

Hi Nico,

When you watch TV or read a magazine, how much do you think you understand? I mean, how often do you come across a new word or new expression? When you read or hear a new word, what do you usually do? For example, when you hear a new word, do you try to look it up in a dictionary or do you wait until you hear it again? The more information you give me about your language learning habits, the better I will be able to help you.

By the way, why do you say your English is poor?

Many thanks,

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I told you my English is poor because I use the same words; if I know the others, when I speak with someone I use the same; it’s like a little poem which is repeat all time;
When I find or hear a new word I look for it in the dictionary; it’s easy for me to memorize when I see how it’s writing;
When I read something I understand a lot but it’s hard to memorize and tell what’s about;
Tomorrow I’ll try to speak whit my son in English; maybe it’s a start!!!
Will see!!!