Hi, I'm nervous about my TOEFL ibt score. Can someone talk about it with me:(

Hi! I need to talk to someone about my TOEFL ibt score.
Yesterday, I took the TOEFL ibt test, and the reading and listening score wasn’t what I expected at all.
Reading and listening supposed to be the easiest out of the other section; that’s why I rely on these two sections if my writing and speaking score isn’t good enough. During practice, I always score 20+ ish for reading and listening above 25. But yesterday, my score was 20 for reading, and for listening, I got 17 (which is upsetting). I wish I could score higher:( Here in Indonesia, taking a TOEFL ibt test is not cheap at all, so I’m scared. (mostly to my parents)

I’m currently planning on continuing my study in Japan. One of their requirements is a Toefl or IELTS score with a minimum score of 75. I know I might sound like a total crybaby, but I felt terrible to parents because, for the test, they signed me up for TOEFL prep class and bought me a bunch of books, but by the end, the outcome was not satisfying. Can someone talk to me, and chat, cause I don’t have anyone to talk about this. All my friends are going to public universities, so whenever I talk about this topic, they all seem confused about comforting me. So… the other section hasn’t come out yet, so if you read this, please pray for me:( cause I can’t stop crying every night, thinking of how I should ask my parents to spend 250ish for another TOEFL test, that’s like 11 miles from home.

The unofficial score for now :upside_down_face:
Reading - 20
Listening - 17
Speaking - ny
Writing - ny