Hi, I'm Charry from Philippines...

Hello everyone. I’m charry from Philippines. I just wanted to greet everyone a good day.



Hi, Charry! We greet you too…)))

But why you have written your name with small letter? Were you in a hurry?))

Hello~ Charry, nice to see you here~
have a great time!~ :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. I truly appreciate it. I really wanted to enhance my english and as well as to meet new friends here. Hope to get know all of you. Thanks,

Hi everybody! I want improve my English and communicate fluently with you all.

Hello everyone,

I am Nipun from Bangladesh. I am here to improve my English skill as well as to make some new friends. I hope this forum will help me in this regards.

Hi you…My name is Rafael. I am intending to make friends to talk and improve my english. Would you be one of them?? Thanks in advance. This is my e-mail: rafaelsantanapg@hotmail.com

Bye, and please add me!!