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Are parents the best teachers of children?

In fact there are usually some conflicts between parents and their young children because they have different or even opposite ideas,thoughts and interests; However, from my perspective , parents definitely play a dominant role in their children’s life. Since they are the only persons who has brought them with difficulty,care and kindness.

To begin with, parents are the first persons a child will see in his or her life. Children grow in their family and learn several things from their parents. Parents are those who teach their little child several basic skills such as learning to walk,talk,eat and so on. In addition to these skills, they fullfil their demands in the best way. Obviously a good teacher is the one who gratifys all of your fundemental needs. Therefor parents are truely the childrens best teachers.

Alternatively, children spend their early years of life time in a same house with their parents. In some countries children live with their parents untill they are 18; However, in other countries,like my country, they live with their family until they get married, so it is evident that their parents can profoundly influence them. Children will surely learn a lot from their parents’ experiences. They benefit from a mother who fosters them and teach them moral lessons and a father who help them to be strong. These lessons are the chief lessons that anyone can ever learn.

Finally, parents deeply love their children. They are always ready to sacrifice their time,money even their life, to their children; hence, they will always help their children in critical situations by advising them and teaching them lessons,which no teacher can ever teach.

All in all, as far as I’m concerned, parents are the greatest teachers, who are always next to their children ,ready to give them whatever they want. For this reason it is really shameful for those young people who treat their parents rudely. Every one should respect their parents and honour them as if they are the only precious thing they have.

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