Hi, I am Winchain...

Hi, I am Winchain.

I will be glad to talk with you.

Hope that I can improve my English skill here.

Hey Winchain!
Welcome on here :)!
Hope u have fun learning on here! Peace.

Hi Wiinchain!

Welcome to this forum. I am also glad to see you. Where are you from?

@ Takehiro

I am from China. Nice to meet you^_^

@ Katty2010

Thanks. I think I have learned a new wishes words from you^_^

I mean that now I can use “Peace” at the end of my letter instead of the constant “Best wishes” Haha~

Hi Win,
I would like to know about your people. There are alot of chinese staffs in all over the world. How could it be possible? Of course, China possesses about one sixth of crwods in the universe that we are living in.

After all, you need alot of resourses to make your products. Here in Iran, the most we can do is to talk! Our slogan is that to say WE JUST CAN DO EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING - But how!

@ Pasban110

Sorry for late in replying. I am moving my place these days.

I will be glad to talk with you and provide the information you are curious to know about :slight_smile:

Thanks Win,
I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care,