Hi, I am Sawsan from Iraq.

[color=blue]hello my name is Sawsan .I live in Basrah it is in the south of iraq. Iam an english teacher ,i teach kids from 10-11 years old .I consider myself as a learner too .I am learning also korean and indian language .my big dream is travelling ,see the world, meet diffrent people ,and know diffrent cultures. I hope throgh this site to improve my english level. thanks

Hello Sawsan,

Many thanks for joining our forum and welcome to english-test.net! Please tell us more about your job. How many students do you have and many lessons do you teach each week? What kind of materials do you use? We hope you can benefit from our site as much as possible.

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hi Torsten ,i teach at an elementary school for boys ,and i teach english beside other subjects. I teach 4th. & 5th.grads there are seven lessons in a week ,and we follow the communiction study instead of oral way . I love teaching and learning at the same time .thank you for your concern