Hi, I am new member here. I am Ali Kaya from Turkey.

I am Ali Kaya
I am from Turkey
But I live in Australia. I moved on in 2003. I was an accountant in my country. I want to improve my English. After then I want to go on accounting busines. I am very happy this site.
Thank you Torsten and Sue

Hello Ali,

Welcome to english-test.net! It’s great to hear you like our site. Where in Australia do you live?

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hello Ali

It’s nice to meet you,Ali… I’m from Indonesia… Oh ya…If I see your name… I think you are moslem… really ?..

Happy nice and fun at this site. .
Best regard

Thank you for message.
Nice to meet you. I live in Australia. I like this site. I want to improve my English. I would like to meet more friends .
Thank you

Hello Torsten,

Many thanks for free Englsih Lessons.

I am very happy with this site. You asked me where in Australia I live.
I live in the suburb of Broadmeadows in Melbourne. I finish Certificate IV English Class but I want to improve my English. I recomand my friends yours web site. Sue talks very clear so I understand what she says, but I still need more learning
English. When I learn more English, I am becoming happy.

Thank You
Ali Kaya