Hi, I am luna!

hi everybody! I am a new one, and I am very happy to join you!

we’re very happy too
Enjoy being her by participating in different topics with us

Best wishes

Hi ,
we are wellcoming you that you are here ,hope to be here and enjoy yourself here


Hello Biogarfield, welcome aboard.
Where are you from?

Best wishes.

Hi you…My name is Rafael. I am intending to make friends to talk and improve my english. Would you be one of them?? Thanks in advance. This is my e-mail: rafaelsantanapg@hotmail.com

Bye, and please add me!!

Hi Luna how are U.

hello! I am from china. Now I work in Jinju in korean with my husband. Jinju is a beautiful city, it is near sea and rainy. that make me feel very comfortable. I love korean food too. kimchi is my favourite! all of my mate are very kind.
where are you from?

hi, where are you from

Hi guys… this is Sophie, and i am new to this forum.now i feel very happy after joining all of you.

Hello everyone!

hii to all of you…

Luna how are you?

Hi… I am Wiwid. I am a new in this forum. I’d like to improve my English and meet new friends. I live in USA.


My name is Nelson Luna, I’m from Brazil.
I live in Sao Paulo, which is the largest city in South America
I have difficulty speaking properly and understand what people say.
I hope that with everyone’s help I can improve my English.


Hello Nelson,
I’m also here to improve English Skills, I have the same difficulties like you.
Let’s practice together?