Hi! I am Gabi and I am from Romania

Hi everybody! I am Gabi and I am from Romania. I live in Germany now and my husband is American. I want to enroll for MBA so I have to take the TOEFL, wish me luck! :smiley:

Welcome aboard, Gabi!

It’s nice you joined us. I wish you lots of happy hours here and the best of luck on your test. We’ll be waiting to hear how you did!


Welcome Gaby Good luck

Hi,everybody!I’m a newcomer!I’d like to take practice of English!Please,help!

Hi Pamela, where are you from and why do you want to practice your English?

My cherished dream is to master English well!I know it quite enough but I’m lack of practice.

I think South Ossetia is part of Georgia, isn’t it? What do you need English for? How many people in South Ossetia speak English? Your mother tongue is Russian, isn’t it?

It’s a self-declared republic. English is not so popular there.

What is the Ossetian language like? Do you use the Cyrillic or the Latin alphabet?

It’s difficult to explain. It’s based on the Cyrillic alphabet and includes additional letters such as ǽ,combination къ,хъ and so on!

And do you live in Tskhinval? What is life there like?

You are well-informed, I see.Nice to hear that!

Hi to everybody!Specially to Andreana!

Hi Pamela, how are you today? How are things at university? I take it you are a student too?

No,Andreana.I graduated from University last year!What news?Tell me a bit about TOEFL.

Hi Pamela, what do you want to know about the TOEFL and why?

Hi,Andreana!I want to know everything about TOEFL!Maybe I’ll try my luck and pass it!

Hi Pamela, how much do you know about the TOEFL and why do you want to know everything about it?

Well, I’m ignorant of this programme.I know just a bit about it.Andreana,how old are you if it’s not a secret

As far as I know you need to take the TOEFL if you want to study in the US. You can find a lot of information about the exam on the internet.
My age is not a secrect, I’m turning 27 this year and my father keeps reminding me that he had a lot of responsibility when he was my age. What he really wants to say by this is he thinks I should graduate from university as soon as possible and then find a job…
What about you? How old are you?