Hi, I am Delta 18 years old and am traning for the TOEFL

I am new in here,
I am Delta 18 years old and am traning for the TOEFL test.

Hi Britney Spears :shock:

Sorry … Hi Delta :lol:

Nice to meet you here with us and I think that your language skills sound good .

anyway , I won’t tell you that If you need any help tell me and I will be ready to help you :shock: because I am not very good at English language :cry: , but I will tell you that If you need any help you can ask many great moderators here Like Conchita and Amy , and be sure you will like them .

Best wishes … :wink:


thanks for this great welcome
I am really thankful for your help
and be sure if i want any help i’ll ask
by the way… where are you from?

Britney Spears
where …???

MMM… hey I’m here too

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welcome to you here
if you need anything just ask me :shock: and I’ll ask Amy or Conchita and answer u :stuck_out_tongue:


Herc Right, you will find good teachers here like Amy or Conchita

best wishes


Nice to meet you, Delta!
Be sure that you will get a nice and full of warmth welcome. I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and learn some new stuff.
Regards, SkiIucK.

thank you all guys for this amazing welcome
and be sure that i’ll ask anyone of you for a help if I needed to

hi delta, i hope you’ll be happy here !

thank you pfizer
thanks for your sweet reply

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Best wishes for you :o

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I wish you all the sucess Delta!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Dark magician: In Russia many of the people wear clothes with Che Guevara (Is that all around the world?), but I haven’t seen somebody with Bush portrait :cry: :mrgreen:

Hello Delta,

So here’s a quiz for you to (hopefully) help you to prepare for your TOEFL exam:

Choose the best option to complete each sentence.

  1. The children ate _________ corn.
    a) their
    b) there
    c) they’re

  2. I think; therefore, I _____.
    a) am
    b) was
    c) is

  3. The boy ate ____ much food for someone his size.
    a) to
    b) too
    c) two

  4. Where are you going_
    a) ?
    b) !
    c) .

  5. My sister and ___ went to the store yesterday.
    a) I
    b) me

  6. He ____ laughs first, laughs best.
    a) who
    b) whom

  7. To ____ it may concern, my feet hurt.
    a) who
    b) whom

  8. ______ job is it to mow the lawn?
    a) Who’s
    b) Whose

  9. ______ a great day to go for a jog.
    a) It’s
    b) Its

  10. The dog ate ____ bone.
    a) it’s
    b) its

Hi Tom, thanks for posting that quiz. Where did you copy it from?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A man shoveling[YSaerTTEW443543]

it is an original

…as far as I know, anyway. I made it up.

thanks alot guys for welcoming me
and about that quiz
it’s so easy
thanks anyway

hello friend this is washif , joned a few hours ago, felleing so good by gathering here, thanks