HI, I am a new member from Europe, Lithuania

I believe that there are a lot of friends, which could help me to correctly learn the English language.

Hi you…nice to be here…

thanks, how are you? How is your English language?

well, i would say it is not the best, but i’m trying to improve

What about you? Where are you from??

I and my wife planinig to emigrate to UK or USA may be to Australia and now day after day we hard learinig English. We are now in Lithuania (Europe). You are from Brasil?

no, i usually using skype

no problem…

Ok, when I get it, I will write you.
Yea… I know one guy from Brasil We had study in Munich, Germany military academy.

Ok. I wait. I’ve never been abroad. But one day, who knows… I grew up in a Germany Colony here in Brazil…different culture, people…I’ve learned some things in Deutsch…but is so hard. I’d rather English!!

So you could say: Gutten Abend, wie get’s dir? :slight_smile:

Ja ja…so…sehr gut… Auf wiedersehen…o/… but English is more like my thing…

your german language also is good :wink:
OK, I must go to job.

HI have you any friends from austalia, or new zealand? I thinking about emigration to these countries…

hii to all of you…

Hi Sam :slight_smile: I am a new member too. Nice to meet you.