Hi from Ferrara! I study English, Chinese and German at the university...

Did anybody know where it is :shock: ?Ok, I think no one, so I’ll tell you:Italy…I study English, Chinese and German at the university. Knowing german not very well(and it’s an euphuemism-it is written right?),and being chinese…sigh…so difficult, I try by now to explain myself in english, in some way. I hope this will work!

Hello and welcome to our forum! So, you are Chinese and live in Italy. And you like learning German and euphemisms :slight_smile: When did you move to Italy and why?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Vehicles in line[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi, Luz!

Welcome! Seems you have a quite interesting linguistic background :slight_smile:

Have fun here! Talk to you soon,

Ni hao and Guten Tag, Luz! :wink:

Hello and nice to have you here!!!


Ni hao everybody! Mmm,I’ve been not clear enough…I’m italian and I study German, English AND Chinese, actually :slight_smile: !

Luz, ni hao ma? Pleased to meet you. Where exactly is Ferrara? I like the sound of the Italian language very much and really would like to visit Italy some day.

Hen hao, xiexie ni!
Ferrara is in North of Italy, some way between Bologna and Padova, or Venezia if you better recognize it!
BUT from october I’ll be in Dresden for an erasmus, have someone visited that city? I think I’ll go more than one time in Prague, it’s something like 150 Km far!

ciao luz!

i’m Italian too, but born in Argentina but now living in Spain. My family is from Brescia, maybe near your hometown. Very nice people you Italian!! and so romantic…

hi , Luz
my name is Yana ) i’m from Russia.
i studied chinese )) but it was 10 years ago )))

Hi, I am new here, my name is study, i am from Egypt, i want to improve my English together.