Hi folks. Did I find a good GRE forum?

Hi there everyone

I was looking for a good, helpful and supportive forum to help me through the GRE. I have to tell you that I am absolutely pathetic when it comes to maths. I have seriously NO memory of what I did at high school and the practice tests so far have literally been another language for me!

Anyway, did I find the best forum on the web in terms of the GRE?


If you’re really bad at math, you should get a GRE math tutor. That will help much more than a forum, because you’ll get a lot more attention!

You didn’t say where you’re located. Do you have any of the big prep companies like Princeton Review near you?

Hi Friends,

Well I have started my preparation for gre and am practising the big cd softwares. I found them pretty useful. Can anybody tell me whther only this softwares will be fine or should I get some thing else.


Hi Harshada!

How did you manage to register and download big cd tests software? It seems to me the site does not work once you try to register. Did you do it long time ago or just recently?