Hi everyone. Please help me to correct my mistake in these sentences. Many thanks

  1. Listening and writing skills which one will help us more in communication?
  2. A friend you think he or she is a good friend but in fact he or she is not.
  3. Based on your friend the other can judge who you are.
  4. When you are in trouble, you know who are your friends.
  5. When you make friend with a good person you become good and vice verse.
  6. when you go with a kind person you have to be benevolent and vice verse.
  7. The longer your friendship lasts, the deeper/stronger it becomes.
  8. In dress, the newest is the finest, in friends, the oldest is the best = your oldest friends are the best for you. If not please help me to rewrite it.
  9. Thriving situation crates friendship, challenging condition gives a trial to them.
  10. If your friendships of your is easy to come, so it is easy to go.
  11. When the blood sheds, the heart = talk about a close relationship when you are hurt, the other are hurt too. (If not please help me to paraphrase it)
  12. Poverty parts friends = If you are rich you will have much friend if not, nobody care about you, even when you are in a serious trouble.?( = is equal)
  13. 13. Make your enemy your friend  =  Forgiving hatred and make friends