Hi everyone: My name is Tony Yam, I am from China...

Hi everyone,

My name is Tony Yam, I am from China.

I have been learning Engligh for many years, but still unable to master it.

This is because I do not have a systematic way to learn. Your web-site is
vey well created, I am sure if I can follow every lession seriously, I can do
well in English.

I like all kind of ball games, but I master none of them.

I like to write and listen, I am very poor in speaking or communication.

Yes Tony, it takes a long to master a language, especially, when you live in a non-English country. But consistent efforts do pay back.

Hello tony! You may add me in your Yahoo Messenger contact so we can chat. I think I can help you in your English. Add: comaneci_joel.