Hi Everyone! My name is Melina. Currently, I live in Iowa City, USA...

My name is Melina. Currently, I live in Iowa City, USA. I have learned English for years but still I find it quite difficult to speak English fluently. I hope by joining this forum I can learn more about Idioms and words that I don’t learn at school.

nice to meet you,where are you from?

best wishes,Janci

Hello I’m from Mexico and I’d like to improve my english as well. I’m an accountant. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Hello guys, Oh look who is there? My best friend Griss :o :smiley: see i’m wearing my glasses 8) because you are lighteneing here too :lol: .Let’s improve our english and help each other as we use to do :wink:
Good luck for all of members including us

Hey my dear frienddddd :smiley: Now I need glasses too haha…Good luck and see you around.

Hi Janci, nice meeting you in this forum. I’m from Indonesia.
I see your location is in Slovakia. How to say “Hello” in your language? and what do you do?

Best Regards,

Hi Melina,
In my language we say “Hello” as “Ahoj”,I am an electrotechnical engineer,I want to improve my english speaking because it is terrible.And what about you?
Have a nice day

Ahoj Janci :slight_smile:

I’m a house wife. I wanna improve my speaking skill too.
I think you can speak English quite well. I can see from your writing. Your grammar is good.


Hello Melina,
I am from NEPAL and I am very much interested in your country (USA). I’ve myself learned a lot about the USA from nice people like you (Caucasians), European blood.
Well, how are you? Since your mother tongue is English, why are you saying that you cannot speak fluently? Anyway, you will definitely learn a lot of things that you didn’t study in your school or colleges. I am very much happy to see you here. Lets share the things.
You provide me the info that you know and I will tell you what I know. Have great studies. Have a nice time!

Your New Friend


Hi Noren,

Nice meeting you in this forum. Actually, I’m not American. I’m Indonesian. Thus, my mother tounge is not English unfortunately :frowning:
I’ve lived in USA for one and a half years. But, my speaking skill has not been as good as native English speakers. I still have to learn more and more. That’s why I join this forum. I hope we can share many things here.

Best reagards,

Hi Melina,
thank you for your message,if I write in English,I have time to turn over in onIe’s mind,but if I speak I don’t find suitable words.I think,we can help each other.
Best regards from Slovakia,
your friend Janci