Hi everyone! I'm Marwa from Egypt...

Hi everyone
I’m Marwa from Egypt.
I’ve joined this forum in order to be a better English teacher.

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hi marwa
i’m mona from egypt

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Hi Mona
Nice to meet you here.

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[i]Hey Marwa,

I am very glad to meet you here. I am gautier from the republic of the Congo (former people’s republic).

Happy New year 2009 to you and your family.

Take care.[/i]

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Hi gautier

Nice to meet you too.
Wish you a happy new year.


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Dear Everyone

I am Nizar Hani, from Lebanon " Land of Cedars", my career is an environmental expert, I am the project development unit manager at the largest nature reserve in Lebanon Shouf Biosphere Reserve www.shoufcedar.org

I am happy to join this interesting network to enhance my English

Nizar Hani

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[i]Hey Marwa and I thank you very mucgh for your response.

You are the warmly welcome and GOD bless you through Jesus Christ. Amen !!![/i]

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hii…i read what you wrote to some friends here…all are the same!..WOWWWWWW…

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hello Marwa, how are you dioing?

I’m back. I think everything is ok. You can send me private messages if you want.

Take care of yourself.


You’re welcome back!

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Thank you Anglophile!

Nice to meet you again.

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