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The question at hand is whether it is better either enjoy the money as soon as I earn it or save money. In my view, the best option is save it. I would like explain why I think this way. Firstly, because I believe that keeping some money in the future will be able to buy better things Also, I think it’s always good to have some money saved for times of emergency. Moreover, when we enjoy our money quickly, I usually spend in things that don’t worth it.
I think that we shouldn’t spend the money when we just have earned it. Because when we save up some money, in the future we can buy things more expensive. For example, I have choose no spend the money of my job buying clothes and shoes. So, some months later I could buy my laptop.
It’s my belief that is necessary always some money saved for periods of emergency. For instance, to buy medicines in cases we cases we get sick suddenly. This happened in my family. My sister had to take antibiotics that were very expensive. My mother ever salves money to these situations. Therefore, we were able to buy the medicines.
Finally, I think that when we enjoy the money once we earn it, I use spend in things that don’t worth it. For example, when a woman earns the money and goes shopping immediately, they buy clothes on impulse. Generally, the woman didn’t need of the cloth or realize that it was not a good cloth.
To sum up, although some people think that is a good idea enjoy the money quickly, I believe that is better to salve it. In the future likely you will need it.

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Is this an essay or a listening exercise? If it is an essay, could you post the essay prompt as well?

Excuse me! I forgot the prompt.
This is: Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it, or is it better to save
T money for some time in the future?


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