Hi everyine, This is Mon from Thailand...

Nice to meet you here everyone. I’m new member. I want to improve my english skill and this s good opportunities for practice in this website. Pequena is my protugese name in Capoeira group. It’s matial art of brazil. So you can Call me Mon or Pequena.
Hope to see you all in this website for help me improve english and friendship. Take care ^^

Hello Pequena ( I prefer this, because I like this one :wink: )


I am Tuba from Turkey, nice to meet you.

Hope to enjoy and imrove your English

Hello Mon, Tuba!
How are u today? Hope that everything is ok.
I’m from KZ, and I really want to make the friends from different countries. I’ll very glad if we’re become friends, and the language is don’t matter, just communicate is matter.

Hi Tuba and Aiko, I’m gald to know you in this website. And I’m glad that we’re friends. I think so with the language is not matter. we can be friends and should be practice and improve together. you can contact me on my facebook or MSN for more chat at "kiddind_girl2001@hotmail.com" anyway i saw the options for study a lot in this website. Sometime I confuse what’s thing that I should to study first hahahah. If you have some idea how to study in this website first, please share me too. Again!!! Nice to meet you here.

FYI: my skypename is: user83831

Hello Aiko. Nice to meet you. I am fine and you?

Salem Tuba, kalaisun? I’m ok, at work now. is Our language are same, don’t you? Are Turkish? Have u got the skype-nik?